Friday, January 27, 2012

February Firsts

I read about a group of people over at WWJTD who want to do something they've never done before every day during the month of February. I think that sounds like a blast! Here's my list so far. Any ideas or suggestions? I would especially appreciate recommendations for new restaurants, new foods and recipes to try, and places around Gainesville that I've never been before.

February Firsts
  1. Pay for someone behind you in the drive thru
  2. Try out the new bopper larp group (Saturdays at noon, Squirrel Ridge Park)
  3. Learn to write with my feet
  4. Go to Newnan’s Lake
  5. Go to the Gator Improv Festival (February 1st-4th)
  6. See the Ahn Trio at the Philip’s Center (February 9th, 7:30)
  7. Watch a lacrosse game (February 11th, noon)
  8. Run a 5k (February 18th)
  9. Go to Pearl’s for brisket
  10. Go jogging in San Felasco
  11. Do a set of full, proper push-ups
  12. Donate blood
  13. Go to a bourbon tasting
  14. Make jewelry out of computer keys
  15. Make hummus
  16. Eat a dragonfruit
  17. Make a martini
  18. Microwave a marshmallow
  19. Drop a parachute army man off of a really tall building
  20. Sing karaoke
  21. Make beef jerky
  22. Make an origami crane
  23. Watch MLP:FiM
  24. Read a comic book featuring an entirely unknown character
  25. Make something out of duct tape