Monday, December 12, 2011

Rage Monday!

So, what's pissing BW off about the world this week? I'll show you!

The new David Attenborough nature show, Frozen Planet, is scheduled to air in the US on the Discovery Channel in March. It's a seven-part series, but originally Discovery had only contracted to air the first six episodes. Why? The seventh episode focused on climate change and the effect humans were having on the polar regions, and everyone knows that climate change is a liberal conspiracy made up by scientists. Seriously. This was an actual controversy. Ten countries opted out of purchasing this seventh episode, including the US. Thankfully Discovery Channel back-pedaled and decided to air the controversial episode after all, but I am enraged that this was even a thing. Discovery Channel was seriously planning on censoring this 'controversial' information for fear of angering the climate change deniers. Scientific fact is only 'controversial' when it conflicts with personal interests. It is appalling that Discovery Channel was willing to cater to that mindset.

The Guardian reports on the epidemic of rape in the U.S. Military. The likelihood of a woman experiencing sexual trauma while on active service is double that of a civilian, but rape cases in the military are vastly under-reported. The victim is much more likely to be punished than their attacker because rape cases are handled internally in the US, not by local police authorities. Rape is seen as a 'breach of conduct'. This is vile. If you're looking for some rage fuel, just spend a few minutes on mydutytospeak.

Priscilla Coleman published a meta-analysis report in the British Journal of Psychology where she concludes that abortion harms women's mental health. This is already being touted on anti-abortion sites as an argument against a woman's right to choose. The report itself however is full of questionable analysis, bad and misleading statistics and bias from the adamantly pro-life Coleman. Half of the studies sampled for the analysis were written by Coleman herself! Why was this nonsense published?!?

Bill Donahue and the Catholic League want to adopt atheists this year, so they can show us that we've been secret Christians all along and help us "no longer be looked upon as people who believe in nothing, stand for nothing and are good for nothing.” Yeah, cause with enough condescension and arrogance I'm sure I could be convinced to abandon logic and reason and believe in whatever fairy tale they want me to believe in. On the bright side, so many atheists decided to contact the Catholic League and volunteer to be adopted that they had to remove the 'Contact Us' link from their webpage.

I'm gonna expand on this just a bit more...because seriously, it is not hard to be Christian in America. Your God is everywhere, your holidays and traditions are nationally recognized, you are in the majority and other people are likely to view you more positively because of your beliefs. Atheists are "looked upon as people who believe in nothing, stand for nothing and are good for nothing.” But the answer is not to fight and argue for equality and against religious privilege, it is instead to give in and just be Christian? We should give up struggling for what is right and just do what is easy? Not because Christianity is right or because they have convincing arguments for God's existence, but because then we'll get to celebrate Christmas like good Catholics? So. Much. Rage.

Oh, and the War on Christmas is on once again! Because saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas makes Baby Jesus cry, and commercialized religion is the best kind of religion. I'm sure I'll do a collective post on this idiocy eventually, but for now enjoy the American Family Association's Naughty or Nice list, and the contrived outrage of Fox and Friends.

Share in my rage!

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